2 Die Sich nicht Kannten

For our movie class in the second semester we had to produce a film with the subject unexpected encounter. My roles where Directing and writing the screenplay.

The movie “2 who did not know each other” is about two people who only briefly know each other through their weekly trip to the wash saloon.
The main protagonist lends a poetry book at a library and starts commenting in it. After some time another person starts commenting and through that they start a conversation. Throughout the story it gets clear for the audience that the two acquaintances from the washing saloon are communicating with each other. Those two start deep conversation which stands against their real life conversations which are cold and distant. Finally they want to meet up and he writes the meeting time and point in the book. The next time she goes into the library and wants to get the book, but the janitor is about to throw it away and won’t give it to her.
Beaten she goes to the wash saloon where a happy guy is picking up his suit, for a date that will never take place. It’s a story about an unexpected encounter which only almost occurred.


Production:                    Nina Pintis,  Claudia Wahlmüller, Maxi Nirschl, Bibiana Traxler, Nathalie Posch, Sophie Zentner
Responsibilities:          Director, Screenplay
Length:                             9:28
Language:                       German
Production:                    March 2015 – June 2015


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